2021 Corvette March Ordering and Production Updates

Some Interesting Changes

We received the consensus notes from GM regarding March ordering of all vehicles. Considering all of the talk of end of production and order dates for 2021 Corvette models, I expected to see some type of confirmation. There wasn’t one. Not one word mentioned regarding dates for end of model year production or our last consensus.

There was good news however! It appears that starting in April we are able to order high wing spoilers again with your vehicle! Also, the black trident wheels are no longer constrained and can be ordered as well! Museum Delivery option was increased from 45 to 55 per week so if you wanted that option it should be more readily available now.

They did ask us to remember you can order a Corvette with magnetic ride without adding Z51. I’m not sure if they are getting slowed down with Z51 package cars or what the point of that memo was? You have all been well informed of this option, am I correct?

March/April Orders

We did not receive any changes in our allocations for March or April. We will still be ordering three this month and two next month. The two we just got in on Monday appeared just in time to hopefully increase allocations for May and June. Only time will tell as we will not know those numbers until early May. I suspect that is also when GM will officially state the end of ordering and production for this model year. It is my belief GM is holding out any official word until they see how smooth production runs the next two months.

The Camaro plant was shut down today to ensure more semi-conductor availability for other vehicles. I am hoping the transmission and frame component issues are behind us. Let’s collectively hope for increased production these next four or five months!

A short video I put on YouTube of Trey’s black convertible

Corvette Production Update and Insights

Didn’t they shut down Corvette production this week?

Yes, yes Bowling Green is shut down this week so there is no Corvette production happening at this moment. The good news is there was steady production last week! There was only one day with less than 180 Corvettes produced. I actually have two customers that will be very happy soon. There was a 2LT convertible built last Monday and a 2LT coupe on Friday. At this point it looks like they should get here next week after reopening. Here’s to hoping both show up on the same truck!

How I feel when I see 3800 status on my Corvette orders!

What is next?

As of now the math tells us there are close to 1000 orders still to build from the December allocations. If all goes well with production next week that could be close to knocked out. It would be wonderful if there are no more delays for at least a month and they can get January orders done by mid-April. Let me rephrase that. It would be spectacular if there were no more delays at all!

I believe there will be several orders from January moving to status 3300 very soon. There won’t be a lot of change this week of course. But next week we will see some movement. Remember, you can always follow our orders here!

Several times I have been asked about the price increase that was imposed today. General Motors actually caught me by surprise on this. They did not price protect orders already at status 3000. Instead they price protected orders at status 1100! That was an unusual move in my opinion. But at least they tried to make it a bit less painful to some of those waiting.

Those with deposits at dealers that don’t input orders until they have an allocation will be guaranteed a price increase. Being at status 1100 does not protect anyone from any price increases for the 2022 model year. Those will happen regardless of your status, or lack thereof.

Corvette Price Increase Coming on Mar 1, 2021

Are you at status 3000?

It appears everyone at status 3000 will likely be protected from the price increase. Unfortunately there are far fewer folks at 3000 than 1100. General Motors is expected to increase the price $1`000 on all models and trims. That would bring the base price of a 1LT coupe to $60,995.

Clearly we all expected there to be an increase for 2022 models. However many did not expect there to be an increase on 2021’s on the same day Corvette production will be shut down for the week. Does that look bad? I don’t know. But it certainly doesn’t sit well with anyone not already expecting a car very soon.

I wish this week were full of all kinds of good news, but clearly it is not. Between colors, delays, and now price increases, I have had much good to tell you. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope the week of March 8th brings nothing but great news to the Corvette world!

Another Bowling Green Shutdown the Week of Mar 1

What is the Corvette production issue this time?

It was announced a short time ago in the “Detroit Press” that transmission supply for the C8 Corvette is the issue again. GM does plan on resuming production on the Corvette on Mar 8th. Let’s hope they don’t resume and get hit with another winter storm five cars later!

The plant seemed to be rolling smoothly to start the week. Because they built our next Corvette fifth yesterday morning I was pretty happy to see movement. Then I came in today, and it shows delivery date as “DELAYED”. That has never shown up on a build that I have seen before. It isn’t due to missing semiconductors as those are listed as MP. You can likely assume that means “missing parts”.

Do you have any good news Ron?!

Yes, yes I do have a bit of good news. It is a rumor at this time, but seems quite likely the Shadow Gray and Sebring Orange will be replaced on 2022 models! Now I know that doesn’t help those wanting those on this years models, but at least there will be some options soon. There will be decisions that have to be made by those on the list for the end of this model year. Do you switch to another available color, or wait another two or three months to get a 2022?

What would you do?

Many new Corvette updates and rumors this week!

Many of you have likely seen this news all over the internet already. Sounds like I’m late to the color game! This whole selling other cars and trucks thing is becoming a hassle. And a big rumor that was leaked today to CorvetteBlogger.com that I will share as well! I need Keith’s sources!

Color Changes are Coming

As I stated before, this will not be new information for many of you that have read anything the last couple of days. Three colors are dropping from the Corvette lineup and they have staggered ends. Zeus Bronze will go first, last available orders will be the April ordering cycle. Next goes Shadow Gray with the May ordering cycle. And of course that leaves Sebring Orange going last with the June ordering cycle. I would love to know what colors you think will be replacing these three for 2022, or will they replace them at all?

[Edit] It seems the official word we received from GM did not match the original information. Both Zeus Bronze and Sebring Orange must be ordered by April 29th. This of course puts a lot of people with orders already at status 1100 upset that their orders will not be built how they wanted. There unfortunately isn’t much we can do. GM put out a lot of color options on this car, and likely were just testing what works well and were going to dwindle the choices all along. At least that is my guess. What’s yours?

End of 2021 Model Year???

Speaking of the June ordering cycle. The rumor that leaked today is there is an internal memo at GM stating last consensus cycle will be June. That leaves us with a possible end of 2021 model year production in August. I don’t know if that is written in stone yet. However it is very possible.

GM has had two straight years of production halts and delays. It is quite possible they would like to get 2022 going earlier than both 2020 and 2021 did! I wouldn’t blame them, would you? I for one would absolutely love to see a full year of production with no delays. Wishful thinking, I know.

Production Halts

Finally, let’s discuss something all too common today, production halts. We all know Bowling Green was shut down the last two weeks due to supply issues. Those issues were transmissions and frame components. The got ramped up Monday morning, only to get blasted by the same winter storm I did. Five cars into production they shut it down for employee safety and sent everyone home. I’m not sure if there was confirmation posted anywhere regarding second shift on Tue but the first shift off.

GM is trying to commit to building as many Corvettes, Silverados, Tahoes, and Suburbans as possible. Production was halted on five other models to redirect resources needed for these vehicles. They were not shy in saying they will produce the vehicles that they make the profit on. I for one hope it stays that way for the short term.

Is the Simple GM Corvette Allocations Formula Antiquated?

I wanted to start my brand new blog off with a subject that is extremely confusing.  Let me rephrase that, it’s downright frustrating for both the customer and the dealer!  The C8 Corvette allocations and how they were, are, and will be dispersed to dealers.

trying to figure out the Corvette allocations and how they came up with them
Not me, but looks like me trying to figure out why I’m not getting more C8 Corvette allocations!

How Corvette Allocations Work

The standard allocations system GM and other manufacturers use is typically fair and proportionate to prior sales of each model.  If we are talking about the Chevy Equinox, then it makes complete sense.  The manufacturer will take my history of sales for each of the last two or three model years. My allocations will be tailored so we have enough vehicles to sell, but not so many we can’t get rid of them.  It is the same with any given model you can think of, including the Corvette.

The problem is the vast majority of Corvette Allocations are already sold. They are sold by dealers selling them at MSRP, which is admittedly very profitable.  We have long lists of customers who have pre-ordered C8’s with deposits placed. The allocation system does not take into account those vehicles already pre-sold.  Dealers with C8 Corvettes sitting on their showrooms with large “market adjustments” are getting allocations the same as the rest.  That leaves those not willing to pay huge markups waiting for what may seem like eternity.  

Secondary Market Implications

I get it, previous sales should to have a bearing on current allocations. Dealers are rewarded for taking inventory when the market wasn’t as hot. I just won’t ever be able to wrap my head around customers being forced to wait while other dealers are gouging the market.  

All that has lead to is a secondary market that is also unlike anything I have ever seen.  Used Corvettes are selling for $10,000 – $20,000 over MSRP.  That is actually making the problem worse because people are ordering them just to try to sell them.  It has lead to many dealers having the customer sign the vehicle will not be sold for 180 days to deter that practice.  You may ask why we care when we are still selling the car at MSRP? That’s a fair question.  I also think it’s fair to say those that actually want this vehicle for the experience of it, should get them first.  We clearly didn’t believe in gouging in the first place or we would have sold it for over MSRP. 

Why Write About This?

Some may question if I am writing this to be bitter and complain about the allocation system or capitalism? Nope. It works perfect 94% of the time. Just not for Corvettes in my opinion. It may be frustrating for me, but I’m more frustrated for those of you that have waited 15, 16, 17 months for your cars while seeing them online at dealers for $20k over MSRP.  Some of us have invested a vast amount of time and energy in building our Corvette brand over the last several years. Maybe I’m just venting some dealer frustration, but I’m not the only one. Check out this YouTube video from Rick Conti, the second highest Corvette salesperson in the country.

I hope you feel a slight sense of relief to see dealers are just as frustrated as you are about the allocation system for the new C8 Corvette! I would love to hear your thoughts on what you believe could be improved on when it comes to a vehicle launch like this? Let’s cut GM some slack though. We all knew this car was going to be unlike anything we have ever seen.